WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2023/2024 for Female African Students

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WAAW (Working to Advance African Women) Foundation is an international non-profit organization that was founded in 2007. The mission of WAAW Foundation is to increase the participation and representation of African women in STEM fields through education, mentoring, leadership development, and community engagement.

WAAW Foundation operates various programs and initiatives that aim to inspire, support, and empower African girls and women to pursue STEM careers and become leaders and innovators in their communities.

Some of these programs include:

  • STEM Outreach and Mentoring: WAAW Foundation organizes STEM camps, clubs, workshops, and competitions for secondary school girls in Africa. These activities expose the girls to various STEM topics and careers, as well as provide them with mentorship and guidance from female STEM professionals and role models.
  • STEM Cell: WAAW Foundation supports the establishment and operation of STEM outreach chapters at universities across Africa. These chapters are led by female university students who volunteer to conduct STEM outreach activities for secondary school girls in their local communities. The chapters also provide peer-to-peer mentoring and networking opportunities for the university students.
  • She Hacks Africa: WAAW Foundation runs a coding boot camp that trains young African women in web development, mobile app development, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. The boot camp equips the participants with the technical and soft skills they need to create innovative solutions for social problems and launch their own tech startups.
  • African Women Engineering Leadership and Entrepreneurship (AWELE) Academy: WAAW Foundation offers a one-year fellowship program that provides professional development, mentorship, and funding for female African engineers who are working on social impact projects or businesses. The fellowship program helps the fellows to enhance their technical expertise, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial mindset.


To be eligible for the WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a female student of African origin, living and studying in Africa.
  • You must be currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program in a STEM-related field at a university or college in Africa.
  • You must be presently a first or second year student or a third year student for a five-year course at a university or college.
  • You must be able to demonstrate financial need and academic excellence.
  • You must have proven leadership potential, volunteering experience, and community service involvement.
  • You must be below the age of 32 years.

How to apply

Interested applicants for the WAAW Foundation Scholarship 2023/2024 are to complete an online application by the application deadline. Applicants are to make available the following:

  • Completely filled application form.
  • Personal and Contact Information.
  • Educational background and Family Information.
  • A statement of need should describe why scholarship funds are needed and what the funds will be used for if received.
  • Essays are vital criteria in determining candidates who are shortlisted. Responses to essay questions that address career goals and how you expect the WAAW scholarship will assist in your education. Please have your essay responses ready before you begin the application.

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Selection criteria

The selection criteria for the WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship are based on:

  • Academic merit: The applicants must have excellent academic records and transcripts from their previous and current studies.
  • Financial need: The applicants must demonstrate that they have limited financial resources and need financial assistance to pursue their education.
  • Leadership potential: The applicants must show that they have leadership skills and qualities that can enable them to make positive contributions to their communities and society.
  • Community service: The applicants must have a history of volunteering and community service activities that reflect their passion and commitment to advancing STEM education and empowerment for African women and girls.
  • Essay questions: The applicants must answer two essay questions that assess their motivation, goals, challenges, and solutions for pursuing STEM education and careers in Africa.


The benefits of the WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship include:

  • Financial support: The scholars receive $500 per year to cover their educational expenses such as tuition fees, books, accommodation, transportation, and other costs.
  • Mentorship and guidance: The scholars receive mentorship and guidance from WAAW Foundation staff, alumni, and partners who provide them with academic, career, and personal advice and support.
  • Networking and exposure: The scholars get the opportunity to network and interact with other WAAW Foundation scholars, fellows, mentors, and partners who share their interests and aspirations in STEM fields.
  • Leadership development: The scholars participate in the STEM Cell program where they lead and conduct STEM outreach activities for secondary school girls in their local communities. The program helps them to develop their leadership, communication, teamwork, and project management skills.
  • Career opportunities: The scholars gain access to various career opportunities and resources that can help them to pursue their STEM dreams and aspirations. These include internships, fellowships, scholarships, jobs, grants, competitions, events, and more.

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The deadlines for the WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship are as follows:

  • Application opens: September 1st 2023
  • Application closes: November 17th 2023
  • Shortlisted candidates notified: December 15th 2023
  • Reference letters requested: December 20th 2023
  • Reference letters due: January 10th 2024
  • Individual interviews conducted: January 15th – February 15th 2024
  • Scholarship award announced: March 1st 2024

Scholarship Official website: WAAW Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2023/2024 for Female African Stude

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